The best cam model websites to date Russian women

Few people know that you can use webcam model websites as video dating websites. Most Russian women who work as webcam model are single. It’s because Russian men do not tolerate their girlfriend job position in the adult industry.

Before starting, I want to mention that many Russian women don’t value the interest of members. However, I know instances of men who dated a Russian webcam model.

If you don’t speak Russian, open a tab on your computer and visit google translate or Yandex translate. Some Russian women don’t understand english well.


This webcam model website mentions the camgirl’s country of origin. Thus, you just need to look for women located in Russia to interact with Russian women. Then, I advise you to open Google translate or Yandex translate, in case the Russian woman does not understand english well. Most of the Russian women we met on camcontact were single. Camcontact allows users and webcam model to exchange personal details like an email address. The prices per minute of the paid chat sessions are cheap and I advise you to take a bit of time to select the right woman.

Camcontact has 2 chat modes (text or cam-to-cam mode): 1/ you chat via text and you can see her on webcam. 2/ you chat via your microphone, she can see you and you can see her (cam-to-cam). Also, when you feel that she is an interesting, you can switch to a one-to-one chat session. It will prevent other users from entering the chat room and bother you. The text chat mode is the default mode on camcontact.

One category of camcontact is dedicated to adult dating: it is “longterm or Marriage”. However, most of the webcam models are single. Consequently, you can find a woman willing to meet someone in all categories of camcontact.

You will find on camcontact, young Russian girls next doors in their twenties, cute women in their 30’s and milf in their 40’s.

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Women of the Adulting dating for longterm or Marriage


This small webcam model website from Germany is really interesting. First of all, it allows users and models to exchange personal details, pictures. Few models are online on soulcams at a given time. You must browse the list offline webcam models and contact them. It is free. To find Russian women on soulcams, type russia or russian in the search field. Then, open the profile of a woman in a new tab. Be advised that If a woman speaks Russian, she is either Ukrainian or Russian. Soulcams counts many Russian girls next door.

Soulcams have two text chats modes: Text or cam-to-cam: The text chat mode is the default chat mode so that the model can’t see you once you enter a chat room.

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Stripchat features many Russian models. You can find them by clicking on All categories in the left column and then do a CTRL+F and look for the keyword Russia. Then, check the price per minute of a particular Russian chathost. Some private chatrooms can be very expensive. I advise to avoid chatrooms that are more expensive than 44 tokens per minute. All chat session are private on Stripchat. This means that once you enter a chatroom noone can bother you.

Stripchat has 2 modes: text and cam-to-cam: Your webcam is not activated in the text chat mode. The text chat mode is usually cheaper than the cam-to-cam mode;

This website counts many beautiful Russian bombshells in their twenties.

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A russian woman on Stripchat


This webcam model website mentions the camgirl’s country of origin. Consequently, you just need to spot the letters “RU” in the right lower corner of thumbnails. Streamate prohibits users and models to exchange personal details. A workaround exists. Ask her to give her instagram account or ask her to create an instagram account under her nickname.

Streamate has 3 chat modes: text, audio and cam-to-cam.

  • In the text chat mode, you type you text. The model does not see you and does not hear you
  • In the audio chat mode, you can speak out loud. The model can speak out loud too. She still does not see you
  • In the cam-to-cam mode, you can speak out look and the model can see you.

Streamate just like Stripchat feature the most beautiful Russian women in their twenties and thirties. Warning, some models can be expensive on Streamate.

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Russian brunette on streamate