These camgirls who pretend that you have a bad internet connection

so, we discovered that some camgirls claimed that our video feed froze. We were doubtful about it because we connected to the internet via a 300Mbps super steady fiber optic connection. We think that these camgirls either lied to us or were incredibly happy that we couldn’t talk to them. In think that they didn’t speak English in reality, and they didn’t want us to know. They claim that they can’t hear you because they can’t understand what you say when you speak English. So, they pretend a technical failure is going on to hide the fact that they can’t understand what you say.

Most of the time, you can hear a echo of what you say if the camgirl had speakers on her side. It is funny when the camgirl pretends that she can’t hear while you can hear a echo of what you say that occur in her room. Unfortunately, these women are players and when you feel that something is wrong, you must leave the private chatroom as fast as you can.

Anyways, if you are in a private chatroom, a camgirl will benefit from this downtime where she pretends that a communication breakdown is going on because you are charged by the minute. So whatever happens, she will get paid. In this situation, you can really complain to the support team because the camgirl does not ignore you. Nevertheless, if you heard that your voice could be heard in echo in her room, this means that it worked.