How to save money on Livejasmin?

Before we start, I advise you to know what you want to do with a camgirl in her private chatroom. Do you want her to do a show? Do you want her to answer questions? Do you want her to show something in particular? The more you will know what to do and the most your spending are going to be cost-efficient.

Never start with an audio chat in a private chat room

Audio chats are more expensive than text chat. Prefer to start with a text chat and then move to an audio chat if you are satisfied by the camgirl. Before entering a private chatroom, camgirls usually look the same. But then, we noticed tremendous differences of behavior between camgirls in private chat sessions. You can’t predict how good or bad a private chat session will be before you enter one.

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Prepare your sentences in advance

I suggest opening a google drive account if you haven’t one. Then, create a spreadsheet and prepare your sentences in advance. to quickly copy and paste your sentence, just tap on the cell of the sentence, and then tap three times. This will select your sentence. Then, copy (CTRL+C) and paste it (CTRL+V) into the messaging area of Livejasmin.

This will help you to save time. At the beginning of a conversation, the sentences related to introduction are always the same. Also, if you want her to do something special, your request would be always the same. If you want to speak about a topic, you can store the sentences related to this topic in your spreadsheet.

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Adapt yourself

If you feel that an audio chat is worth it, go for it. Conversely, if you feel that it is not necessary don’t go for it. I know that some livejasmin users systematically go for a cam2cam. I know it looks handy, but you may get disappointed quickly by following this route. The performance of camgirls varies a lot from one camgirl to another. Since cam2cam are more expensive than text chat, you may quickly spend your money and end up being unsatisfied and frustrated. Meanwhile, there is a wide choice of camgirls on livejasmin. Start with a text chat to evaluate the camgirl, then activate the audio chat when you feel it and then, activate the webcam for a cam2cam.

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